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Does your business Website actually produce Sales?


Potential customers rely on your website to learn about your company, your products and your services. Unlike past generations who may request a brochure or phone for information, today the first point of contact is likely to be your website. Does your website generate leads or does it turn away customers? Does your website reflect the success of your company? Ask us for a free website review.


Web Design is constantly Changing


If you look at websites from just 3 years ago, they look dated and the functionality is limited. It is important that your website looks up to date and presents the style and brand image of your company. Video on your home page can improve your SEO ranking and engage visitors.


Web Content is the Key to Success


Too many web design companies focus purely on the 'look' of a site, forgetting that the content is the key to business success. Just like other marketing materials, your website needs to convey the right messages in an easily read and understood way. Images should be strong and text should be minimal. There should also be a Call to Action, whether that's an email, a phone call or an online sale.


Our Approach to Web Development


We look at your website as part of the marketing mix rather than a stand-alone entity. We ensure that it keys in with your strategy, reaches your target audience, and is written in an engaging way with strong imagery. We have worked on projects requiring microsites up in week, and major sites taking over a year.



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