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Consultancy from ScreenShow

Marketing and Internal Communication Support


You may be an expert in your core business but less certain in other areas. Rather than risk failure by using internal resources on projects outwith their areas of expertise, you may call in outside help.


Flexible Consultancy Help when you need it


We have worked on communication projects lasting from a few days to several months. Our input is always focussed and highly efficient. Our daily costs are competitive and our results are quantifiable. Using outside resources gives you the flexibility to call on communication experts just when you need us.


From Strategy to Delivery


No matter where you are starting with your project we can assist. If you are developing a communications strategy or marketing strategy we can help. If you just want us to develop a brochure, produce a DVD or create an exhibition stand, then we are here. From Marketing Strategy to Brand launches we have done it before and can 'hit the ground running', minimising your costs and delivering early benefits.


Our Approach


We can work on a single project or be available as and when you need us based on a simple hourly rate. We can work locally with you or remotely using the web and online resources. Some of our clients have been working with us for over 10 years.


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